Hydralyte Lemonade Sachet 10X4.9Gm

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Hydralyte Lemonade Flavoured Electrolyte Powder Relieves symptoms of dehydration and helps replace water and electrolytes lost due to vomiting, diarrhoea, heavy sweating, vigorous exercise and occasional hangovers.

10 sachets Oral Powder with 200 mL measuring cup.

How To Use:

  1. Fill cup with 200 mL of fresh,cold drinking water , For babies under 6 months use freshly boiled and cooled water.
  2.  Empty contents of one sachet into 200 mL cup of water and stir until the Hydralyte powder has dissolved.
  3.  Discard unused solution after 2 hours or 24 hours if refrigerated.
  4.  Do not mix Hydralyte with cordial, fruit juice, soft or sports drinks


  • Age in years Under 12 months Take in first 6 hours1-2 (Sachets) Max per day5 (Sachets).
  • 1-3 years : Take in first 6 hours 2-3 (Sachets) Max. per day 7(Sachets).
  • 3-6 years: Take in first 6 hours 3-4 (Sachets) Max. per day10 (Sachets).
  • 6-12 years :Take in first 6 hours 4-7(Sachets) Max. per day13 (Sachets).
  • 12-Adult : Take in first 6 hours 7-10(Sachets) Max. per day20 (Sachets).
  • For dehydration due to other causes: Drink Hydralyte when thirsty or exhibiting signs of dehydration. 1 sachet = 200mL
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This product: Hydralyte Lemonade Sachet 10X4.9Gm
KWD 3.000
KWD 3.000
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