Bioderma Ato Intensive Eye Cream 100 Ml

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Specifically formulated to comfort and protect the sensitive skin of the eye contour area. The skin is thinner in this area and, therefore, more prone to irritation such as dryness, itching, and redness. To answer the specific needs of the dry and irritated skin on the eye contour area this cream has a unique formula that grants a 3-in-1 anti-irritation care. With ingredients that not only deeply hydrate, protect, and repair the skin it will soothe irritations and strengthen the skin barrier. Its unique properties and texture allow it to be applied both as a cleanser or a treatment being suitable to care for your skin while removing impurities and makeup. Suitable for the whole family it will soothe and strengthen the skin providing immediate comfort.

How to use:

Once or twice a day as a treatment and/or makeup remover. As treatment, apply a thin layer to the affected area of the eyelid from the innermost to the outermost part of the eye contour, avoiding contact with the eye. Then, make light movements with the 3 central fingers from inside to outside the eye contour for drainage. Repeat 3 times. As cleanser, apply a thin layer on the mobile eyelid and make a circular massage. In the remission phase, you can use a cotton pad. Start from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye and from top to bottom on the eyelashes.

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